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UK Law Firm Sues WikiLeaks Founder Assange Over Pending Fees

Julian Assange - the founder of the whistle blower website WikiLeaks has been reportedly sued by the UK based law firm that he had hired after his arrest back in 2010.

The law firm has taken this stance just a day before Assange was supposed to file an appeal in the UK Supreme Court to block his extradition to Sweden. The WikiLeaks founder had been charged with a rape case by Sweden's law-enforcement agencies just a couple of years back - a charge that Assange has been denying right since the first day.

According to reports, Finers Stephens Innocent LLP - the law firm in question, dragged the 40 years old Australian national to court over pending legal fees. Apparently, the firm which mainly specialises in commercial litigation was replaced by Assange last year when a UK court overruled his defence and upheld the Swedish arrest warrant.

"It's always regrettable when we find ourselves in a dispute with a former client about fees. We tried to resolve this amicably with Mr. Assange and we still hope to be able to," Tim Bignell, a lawyer at the firm, said in a phone interview to Business Week.