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£39.99 Disgo TV GO Wireless Portable Internet TV/Radio

Disgo present the ultra portable multifunctional TV GO wireless portable TV/Radio that allows you to access all internet based TV and radio stations worldwide.

Disgo TV GO connects to various internet based TV stations through your home Wi-Fi. Beyond this the TV GO also provides FM Radio. On top of these, it can also be doubled as an MP3 player, digital photo frame and an alarm clock.

Equipped with a 3.5" screen, the TV GO lets you watch to internet based TV as well ranging from mainstream offerings from BBC, ITV and MTV to foreign language and niche content. Wi-Fi security has also been incorporated with support for WEP; WPA1and WPA2 encryption. The TV GO comes with internal storage of 2GB and on top of that you may even use an SD card through the memory card slot provided.

In terms of connectivity, the TV GO features Stereo audio input (LINE IN), Audio-Video output (Composite + Stereo) and Video component output (Y Pb Pr). Audio is not bad either with its 2x2W stereo speakers. TV GO also sports an Integrated Multimedia-Player.

The Disgo TV GO Wireless Portable Internet TV/Radio is available from Argos for £39.99.