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58% Brits Say Laptops will be Dead Soon

A recent survey conducted in the UK claims that laptops will be totally out of fashion in the years to come. The inherent law in the vineyard of technology is that, one becomes obsolete and the other comes to enjoy the market position, and the survey reflects that trend quite well.

Of all people surveyed, 58 per cent were of the opinion that laptops will be out of fashion in the next five years or so. The devices which are going to replace laptops are likely to be tablet computers.

With a view to gain a better understanding of consumers' perceptions towards technology products, the surveyors asked the participants whether or not they owned a laptop. 69 per cent of the participants were affirmative in their answers. A subsequent question asked to the survey group was, whether they had bought a tablet PC. 47 per cent said yes to that.

The surveyors not being content with the research framed another questionnaire asking the sample of people that, how often they used their laptop and how often they used their tablet PCs? Answer to this question revealed that 36 per cent of people having a laptop and a tablet computer used their laptops daily. When the same questionnaire was placed to tablet PC owners, the response showed that 62 per cent used their tablet PCs on a daily basis.

[Source: Fudzilla]