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£69.99 ZyXEL NSA310 1-bay 500GB NAS with Free Drive

Network attached storage systems were initially used in business houses for sharing data, as a central repository and such similar purpose. With many players now competing in this market, it has become possible for even home users and such small network to procure NAS systems and use them.

One such is NAS310 1-bay 500GB from ZyXEL that is loaded with a power CPU and enough memory that would also you to stream HD multimedia content to different device like gaming consoles and DLNA TVs in every room of your home simultaneously. The NAS can also act as your iTunes server and SqueezeCenter allowing you to stream music to PCs, laptops, and SqueezeBoxes.

Beyond this you can share photos, videos across your home network with ease and the NAS would act as a central storage for all your data. In case you do not want to start your PC to transfer videos and photos from your camera, all you have to do is plug in your camera, camcorder or a USB storage device and with a click of a button photos and videos will be saved onto the NAS310.

The ZyXEL NAS310 also features an FTP server that would allow you to access files on the NAS even when you are at a remote location. Through BitTorrent and eMule client you can download files onto the NAS directly without having to switch on your PC or laptop.

The ZyXEL NSA310 1-bay 500GB NAS with Free Drive is available from eBuyer for £69.99.