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AM News: Nexus S 4G ICS ROM Leaked, Facebook Spammers Using Amazon S3, Mozilla Outs Firefox 10

The wait for Nexus S 4G's Ice Cream Sandwich update, it seems, is finally going to be over. An Android 4.0 ROM that pretty much resembles an official release has been leaked onto the XDA Developers forum. The ROM highlights the OS version as Android 4.04, and is accompanied by the handset's baseband. Google started pushing the ICS 4.0 update to the GSM variant of the Nexus S back in December itself.

Spam campaigns against Facebook users is not a new trend and such attacks have been going on ever since the site started climbing up the ladder of popularity at a rapid pace. However, according to new report, attackers are now increasingly using Amazon's cloud services to accomplish their malicious spamming activities against the 845 million strong user base of the site.

Julian Assange - the founder of the whistle blower website WikiLeaks has been reportedly sued by the UK based law firm that he had hired after his arrest back in 2010. The law firm has taken this stance just a day before Assange was supposed to file an appeal in the UK Supreme Court to block his extradition to Sweden.

As part of latest iteration of its rapid release schedule, Mozilla released an update to patch eight vulnerabilities present in the Firefox browser. Since mid-2011 Mozilla has been releasing updates every six weeks and the latest Firefox 10 is its sixth release in that line. Out of the 8 vulnerabilities that it fixes, 6 are rated as "critical" which is company's highest threat rank and two are considered as "high".

Amazon Web Services has disclosed that its cloud storage service is currently hosting 762 billion objects. Interestingly, the figure in 2011 has almost tripled from the figures of the year 2010. Amazon Simple Storage Service's, also called Amazon S3, figures have increased by 500 billion year-on-year thus reflecting a 192 per cent growth.