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AMD to make system on a chip solutions for tablets

Semiconductor giant AMD's new leadership has laid out a new set of plans, with the vision of strengthening the company's foothold in the fast evolving GPU and CPU market.

As a part of this plan, AMD will be rolling out its first line-up of system on a chip (SoCs) for tablet devices and desktop PCs some time during 2013. Rory Read, the chief executive of AMD, announced this during his first public presentation.

The company executive believes that in order to succeed in the cutthroat competitive market that is dominated by the likes of Intel and ARM, AMD must stress on the execution and delivery of its roadmap in the best way possible.

Seems like the company's new chief executive was least bothered about wasting any further time in changing the existing roadmap. Instead, he has decided to just focus on realigning AMD, in the fast changing landscape of the processor market.

The company's rival in the GPU market, Nvidia, is fast emerging as one of the leading supplier of ARM processors for tablet devices, smartphone as well as future subnotebooks. AMD is left out virtually no options but to make some drastic changes, with its delivery methodology in order to nullify any such adverse effects.

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