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Anonymous Hacks FBI Conference Call

In the continuing back and forth activities between the FBI and Anonymous, the hacktivist group has seemingly snooped on a conference call between the Bureau and Scotland yard, posting the conversation online.

Throughout the near 17 minute call, we're privy to information on different investigations and certain individuals that the UK and US are looking into, specifically certain named anons, including Tehwongz, who is described as a "bit of an idiot" and a 15 year old "doing this for attention," a "bit of a wannabe."

This finger pointing and name calling is all the more funny because it was preceded by the FBI's end of the conversation admitting that it had screwed up in the past: "We are here to help. We cocked things up in the past, we know that," but that "it's not that much of a hardship."

At least everyone's playing nice eh?

Things took a slightly more malicious turn when the discussion of Ryan Cleary came up. In the past it's been unknown whether this individual was an FBI plant, or simply a misguided member of the anonymous community. It appears from this conversation that the latter is more believable, since it's described how those speaking planned to use the "indecent images" found on his hard drive to convict him, giving them more time to gather extra evidence.

However, the FBI shows how clued in it is about the current state of the internet, describing Valve's steam distribution platform as "some sort of gaming site," something that tehwongz claimed to have hacked, stealing customer information.

One of the most controversial points in the call is that Scotland Yard claimed to be holding back the arresting of two individuals, Cola and TFlow, in order to allow the FBI to gather more information and develop its own case against them. Whether this is giving the hackers more time to commit more offences, of if the FBI is getting information on older crimes is unknown.

Since the posting of this video, the FBI has confirmed that this conversation was hacked and that it was actively hunting those responsible. Anonymous has merely laughed at this, one of the many unofficial twitter accounts stating simply: "The #FBI might be curious how we're able to continuously read their internal comms for some time now. #OpInfiltration"

As part of the video posting, a Pastebin post was also made, showing an internal FBI email about the conference call, along with the email addresses of many individuals involved in the metropolitan police, FBI as well as police agencies in France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden and one in Germany.

Whatever the original aims of this video, the outcome is clear. The FBI as well as other law enforcement agencies have a lot of egg on their face at the moment. It'll be interesting to see how they respond.

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