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Apple Appeals Against iPad Trademark Ruling in China

Last year in the month of December, Apple's claim of a trademark lawsuit over ownership of iPad name was rejected by a Chinese court as was given 30 days to file an appeal. Adhering to this, as of January 5th, the iPad maker has filed an appeal at the Higher People's Court of Guangdong Province.

Proview is a less known Chinese display monitor company which claims that it has control over iPad trademark in China. In the original suit against Proview, Apple re-asserted their control over the iPad trademark; however, in December Shenzhen Municipal Intermediate People's Court rejected this claim.

Apple in the suit claimed that a subsidiary of Proview in Taiwan sold the controversial trademark rights to "IP Applications" a UK based company and eventually Apple acquired the trademark rights from this company in 2010. However, according to the court ruling, even though trademark right were transferred but it was a Proview's Taiwan subsidiary and not Proview itself who transferred it.

According to the court Proview was not present in any trademark negotiations that took place and was definitely not the one to make any formal transfer of trademark rights, reported PC World. Apple has not made any official statements in this regards but, Proview's lawyer Xie Xianghui revealed that Apple in its appeal asked for transfer of the iPad trademarks.