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Average Broadband Speeds in UK up by 22% Says Ofcom

Communications regulator Ofcom recently, in a report, revealed that average broadband speed in the UK has increased tremendously though one may argue that it is impossible to define a national average given the disparity of broadband network connections across the UK.

According to the Ofcom report, as of November last year, the country's average actual residential broadband speed stood at 7.6Mbps, compared with 6.2Mbps a year earlier. Much of this increase was attributed to customers beefing up their packages by subscribing to faster broadband speeds with their providers. Ofcom reported that 58 per cent of UK residential broadband connections had an advertised speed of above 10Mbps.

So according to the report it is evident that 4 in every 10 broadband customers are still running their systems with slow internet speed, which stands around 10mbps or less.

"It is encouraging that speeds are increasing and that consumers have a real choice of broadband service. There is a real opportunity for consumers to look at the packages and deals in their area in order to receive the best value, speeds and performance available to them," said Ofcom boss Ed Richards reports The Register.

A further increase in the broadband speed is expected in the years ahead.

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