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British Student Unveils ADzero, A Smartphone Made from Bamboo

A young lad from the UK's Middlesex University is soon going to unveil the first ever mobile phone in the world, to be made largely from bamboo, according to new reports.

This unique and brand new offering, dubbed "ADzero" is likely to hit the market some time by the end of this year. According to Kieron-Scott Woodhouse - the 23 year old design student behind this innovation, ADzero will be primarily made from 4 year old organically grown bamboo.

Woodhouse, a resident from Shepherds Bush in London, stated that he came up with this innovative idea during his spare time, and started working on it soon after. Apparently, the young genius was fed up with so many similar looking models floating out there in the market, and hence, took the pain of coming up with something entirely new.

He further stated that once he had posted the details regarding the project online, he was soon contacted by a technology entrepreneur.

"The web has opened up the highly competitive design sphere and enabled those with talent to get noticed more easily. Kieron is a remarkable designer," Mr Kieron-Scott's tutor and Middlesex University's product design and engineering director of programmes, Dr Andy Bardill, stated in a press release.

Video about the new smartphone can be accessed here.

Find high-res photos of the smartphone here.