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BT to Offer on Demand 300Mbps Fibre Broadband

BT has revealed that it will be rolling out ultra-fast broadband with speeds of up to 300 mbps through ‘fibre to the premise on demand'.

The ultra-fast broadband will be crafted with fibre optic connections which will enable the service to render higher efficiency. Consumers wouldn't have to face the unjust situation of paying high tariffs with a really sluggish speed of the internet any longer.

According to BT there are a total of 7 million premises that now have access to fibre-based broadband with speeds of up to 40 Mbps. BT is going to double the speeds to 80 Mbps starting this spring reveals The Guardian.

The current scenario is such that the current fibre-based broadband terminates at junctions or cabinets at the end of the road and a copper line connect offices and homes to the junction. BT is going to change all that through is ‘fibre to the premise on demand' service whereby it will be offering broadband with up to 300Mbps speeds.

But, there seems to be a catch here as offices and homes that require this service would be required to pay an upgrade cost, which more or less rules out home users. Beyond the upgrade cost there would be cabling costs and subscription costs as well notes BBC.