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Dead Gamer goes Unnoticed for Nine Hours

A gamer has been found dead in a Taipei internet cafe, though not very quickly - it took over nine hours for anyone to notice.

The unfortunate gamer was 23 year old Chen Rong-yu who entered an internet cafe in New Taipei one evening to play League of Legends. Around 24 hours later it was discovered by a waitress that he was in-fact dead. It turns out he'd been that way for nine hours and nobody had noticed.

As Kotaku points out, mammoth gaming sessions with heavy concentration are pretty common in Chinese internet cafes where people who can't play their favourite games at home can do so in a public setting. Still though, you'd think every 40 minutes when you're back at the character select, you might have a little look around and notice the guy next to you hasn't clicked the mouse for a few hours.

It's thought the cause of death was cardiac arrest, most likely brought on by blood clots caused by low temperatures and lack of movement for many hours. A sleep deficit was probably also a contributor and has been linked with other gaming related deaths in the past.

I'm sure there's some League of Legends jokes I can do here. Um. He'd have been ok if Zilean had his ult. Maybe he should have improved his respawn masteries. Erm, what else. If Shen had teleported to him in time... I think you get the idea.

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