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Dell Looking to Tap Software Market, Hires Jon Swainson as Head of New Software Group

Dell has planned to diversify its business and enter into the software market by coming up with an entirely new software group and by hiring ex-CA Technologies chief executive John Swainson to lead the group.

Swainson will be a part of the Texas based company from 5th March, 2012. Formerly, Swainson had been acting as a senior adviser to Silver Lake, which happens to be a global private equity firm.

Dell is of the opinion that this diversification adopted will aid the company to explore the software market and reap double revenues. The new business group will be a step towards strengthening the market share of Dell. The company is planning to render end to end IT solutions to customers through this business unit.

Dell Chairman and CEO Michael Dell shared with the press the conviction he has on John. Dell expects John to bring good business to the company. The transition by Dell to mark its entry into the software market, pretty much speaks out the latent motive of the company. With a drastic fall of 23 per cent in its consumer PC revenue for its first fiscal quarter, Dell feels this transformation can rescue it from any further losses.