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Global Feature Phone Shipments Lowest in Two Years Says IDC

The volume of feature phone shipments in Western Europe had hit "historic" lows in the final quarter of 2011, claimed a new research.

According to IDC- the market research outfit behind the study, the downfall of the feature phone market was an inevitable outcome of the gradually declining economy, coupled with a lower demand in the market.

The report by IDC also stated that during the same quarter, the global feature phone market underwent just 6.1 per cent growth, which happens to be the lowest in the past couple of years.

IDC researchers claimed that vendors worldwide shipped approximately 427.4 million units during Q4 2011- a mediocre increase from 402.8 million units in the final quarter of 2010.

Nokia was the most successful amongst all feature phone manufacturers with 113.5 million units of its devices being shipped throughout the quarter. However, even Nokia could not defend itself against the slowdown and its stake in the market went downhill by 8.2 per cent in comparison to where it stood a year back in 2010.

Samsung market share increased by almost 2 per cent though, as the company managed to ship 97.6 million units of its feature phones.

[Source: Mobile Magazine]