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Google at odds with law firm over dual representation

Google is at daggers end with a law firm it's been using since 2008, after discovering that lawyers in the law firm, named Pepper Hamilton LLP, were representing a patent licensing business that sued Google's Android partners last month.

Google has claimed that Pepper Hamilton LLP never provided notice that it was hired by Digitude Innovations LLC, the firm that filed patent infringement complaints against Google's business allies.

This alleged case involves handset makers, including Android partners HTC Corp. and Samsung Electronics Co. Google is a bit disgruntled by this and said Pepper Hamilton should not be allowed to continue with the infringement against the products and interests, for its existing clients.

Google has used Pepper Hamilton to help it apply for patents related to its Android mobile operating system, and has said that the law firm is being unfaithful. Google also stated that the confidential data it shared creates conflicts of interests, in the Digitude case - reports Bloomberg.

It is now apparent that with so much patent litigation among technology companies there is bound to be some overlap, among lawyers. Meanwhile the Pepper Hamilton lawyers who are representing Alexandria Virginia based Digitude did not return telephone messages seeking comment about Google's complaint.

Pepper Hamilton represents Google in efforts to get more than 50 patents, including 12 directed at Android - according to the filing.

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