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Google Bouncer to Man Android Marketplace Gates, Will Keep Malicious Apps at Bay

Internet giant Google is unleashing a new feature codenamed Bouncer in order to beef up the security aspect of its Android devices.

According to the Mountain View based tech heavyweight, the new feature will primarily be aimed at preventing the undesirable and suspicious apps from entering the Android Market- hence the name Bouncer. In addition, the company also stated that the Bouncer will be deployed to keep a check on both new apps, as well as on the already existing ones.

Apparently, Bouncer will be assigned with the task of carrying out an automated scanning of the Android Market for any potentially harmful content - and that too without interfering with the user experience of Android Market, Hiroshi Lockheimer, the vice president of Google's engineering for Android explained.

In addition, the new offering will also make things fairly easy for developers as they will no longer be required to wait for getting their apps approved by Google.

"While it's not possible to prevent bad people from building malware, the most important measurement is whether those bad applications are being installed from Android Market - and we know the rate is declining significantly," Lockheimer stated, reports The Inquirer.