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Google Makes Blogger Content Availability Country Specific

It's the same old tussle between the ambitious firms and local government laws which Google is now facing and in a response to it Google has adapted its blogger site to censor some of the contents in countries which do not consider the content palatable.

Google will now be conforming to the local laws by making content, unacceptable to a particular country, invisible to the people of that country. Twitter had also followed the same norms after facing opposition from some country's governments on unacceptable contents shown universally.

Now after inculcation of the changes, any user who logs on to any domain will be redirected to a country specific domain which will be friendly to that user's local country laws, and will be thus, censoring the not-allowed content. This way the liberty of free expression will not be hampered, as well as the search engine giant will be able to abide the local laws also. Twitter also faced the similar problem, while acquainting its content to the local laws.

Eventually this move by the search giant Google had to see some criticism. Critics put forward a question on how the company is going to utilize its new policy of censoring content. Also users said that this kind of discriminating approach in projecting the content is not worth commending.

[Source: Fox News]