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Humble Bundle Hits 100,000 Purchases

The Humble Bundle for Android has now hit 100,000 purchases, with a high average sale price across the board.

While the 100,000 buys isn't huge in comparison to previous Humble Bundles, there's still plenty of time to go. However, because of the higher than usual average price, this bundle has already made over $600,000. The most money made with a Humble Bundle in the past was number 4, which saw some 435,000 purchases lead to almost $2.5 million in total payments.

It's nice to see the Average Windows purchase price at over $5 too. It's not been uncommon with the Humble Bundles of old to see that number drop to just over $3, which is embarrassing. If you're gonna buy the 3+ games that you get with something like this, pay $5. Don't be a chizzler.

Helping to raise the overall income of the Android bundle is the team behind the Humble Brony Bundle (HBB), an organisation of people that loves My Little Pony: Friendship is magic. Having not seen the current generation's interpretation of the little, colourful equines, I can't really comment on that - though I did watch the 1986 movie about the toy franchise as a kid. Not gonna lie, at the time I quite liked it.

Whether that makes me a brony or not though, the HBB has so far raised over $20,000 in donations for the Humble Bundle series, having donated $1,700 to the Android Bundle alone.

As always the Humble Bundle for Android offers games DRM free and will be fully downloadable, forever. They come with a pay what you want payment model, letting you customise how much you spend and you can even integrate the games with your Steam account.

The games available include Anomaly, Osmos and Edge, with those paying above average getting World of Goo as well.

Go spend $5. Let's get it over a million.

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