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iMessage bug Can send Messages to the Wrong iPhone

If your iPhone has troubles and you take it to an Apple Store to have it fixed, you might get it back with intriguing and unexpected feature. An Apple fan went through this experience and received a working iPhone, which had be turned into a spying tool into a perfect stranger's life.

The Gizmodo team found out and tested the troublesome iPhone and reported on the situation. Apparently, the problem is caused by an iMessage bug that sends all iMessages, both incoming and outgoing - to the wrong iPhone.

The spy iPhone couldn't be reset to fix the issue, so it continued to display all the communication form and to the unlucky stranger. To make matters worse, the unsuspected stranger, called by his friends Wiz, was an Apple employee himself.

Besides, the rather funny side of the story, the Gizmo article reveals the true danger revealed by the situation. "You probably underestimate how much of yourself you casually pour into texts each day. We know enough about this guy to stalk him, blackmail him, and harass him, using nothing more than what we've picked up. Based on only a handful of chitchat breadcrumbs and some Google work, we pinned down Wiz's home address, his Facebook profile, email address, personal information about friends, where he exercises, and-drumroll-the Apple store where he works."

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