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Intel, SoftKinetic Working on Next-gen Advertising Technology

Intel and SoftKinetic announced on Wednesday a new kind of advertising technology - sort of ‘revolutionary' in fact - that involves sophisticated digital display and 3D SoftKinetic cameras.

The new ad format enables customers to interact with the screen on which it is being displayed. Apparently, the new technology comprises of a monitor that carries out a full scan of the client of the customer. Once fully connected to the customer, the device can instantly detect his/her sex as well as the approximate age, and thus providing a personalised set of information.

For a better understanding of the technology, let us consider the customer in front of the device to be a young woman in her mid 20's. The monitor, once done with the scanning process, sex and age determination, it will display all the nearby malls and clothing stores - assuming that that is the place where most of the women in that age group usually prefer to hang out.

Take another example - let's say that the customer is a aged man - somewhere around in his early 60's - the machine will instantly show him a cigar store nearby, or any other stores that it thinks aged men could be interested in.

"Only statistical information will be stored, and this anonymous data will be shared in the cloud to provide real-time data to the advertisers, who can easily test different advertising scenarios," SoftKinetic's vice president of marketing and communications Virgile Delporte, explained, as reported by TechCrunch.