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Apple to Provide Separate 4G LTE iPad 3, Phone 5 Devices for Select Networks?

The upcoming iPad 3, expected by many to be unveiled next month, and the iPhone 5, that we'll probably see sometime in the summer or autumn, are both being tipped to offer support for the latest 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) blitz fast connectivity.

However, with LTE networks being far from universal (the UK has only had a few trial areas so far), Rene Ritchie of proposes that Apple could come up with separate iPad 3 and iPhone 5 models with LTE support.

These versions would be available only with carriers that actually have the super fast networks, while other Apple partners could keep their subscribers with more modest versions of the tablet or smartphone.

Apple has decided against integrating LTE chipsets up til now, reportedly because of the excessive space and battery-draining power requirements. Meanwhile, manufacturers of rival high-end smartphones, like the Nokia Lumia 900, have managed to solve the problem and are already offering the far superior network speeds.

The iPhone 5, if not the iPad 3, could possibly incorporate a new Qualcomm quad-mode chip, which would allow the device to "run on all 3G and LTE network flavors," as analyst Katy Huberty of Morgan Stanley puts it.

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