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More Than 160,000 Petitioners ask for Ethical Making of iPhone 5

Following the recent request that Apple should closely watch its Chinese partners, the Cupertino based company announced to change its strategy but with small steps. has now opened up a petition to transform the iPhone 5 into the first "ethical smartphone", which has managed to amass over 160,000 virtual signatures.

The main cause for the public reaction, half a world away, was an article published by New York Times. This revealed the appalling working conditions of the Chinese factories where the iPhones are made. Because of the flawed work legislation in China, workers are harmed or they even lose their lives in the factories run by Apples' partners.

When the Cupertino based company was in the centre of the public anger, Tim Cook, Apple CEO responded "What we will not do - and never have done - is stand still or turn a blind eye to problems in our supply chain...On this you have my word."

When the scandal fired up the media, Apple announced that the Fair Labor Association would be monitoring its suppliers. However, it is important that Apple also release the results of these monitor reports, suggests the petition on

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