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New Chief to Bring AMD Back in Shape

Rory Read - the new chief executive of the semiconductor outfit Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) - announced in his debut speech addressing the Wall Street analysts that he is going to try and bring the company back into shape.

Apparently, the CEO wants to see the company fit itself into the fast evolving computer hardware market. The aim is simple - to alter the status quo of the Intel and ARM dominated CPU and GPU market in its own favour.

During his maiden public presentation, Read stated that AMD is indeed going to leverage its expertise in the PC chip technology to reduce the other key players' dominance in the tablet industry. However, the company seemed to be somewhat reluctant about covering smartphone chips as a part of the new strategy.

"We're going to double down on client and mobility ... I'm not suggesting we dive into smartphones, a heavily crowded space with low margins ... I'm going to focus on client mobility, thin and light," Read said during his speech, reports Reuters.

Read is aiming to integrate AMD's graphics technology on System-on-chips, thus integrating multiple electronics functions onto a single integrated circuit.