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New Sony CEO was Instrumental in Launch of iPad Rival Tablet

The next chef executive of Sony Corp Kaz Hirai, who is looking bring back the old glory of a company that once dominated the market, was the subject of a recent report by the Wall Street Journal.

Kaz Hirai follows in the footsteps of Brit Howard Stringer, the first foreign Sony boss, and comes in difficult times for Sony, with his predecessor failing to reinstate the company's position in the market.

However, even prior to taking on the top job, Kaz Hirai was looking to shake things up, which can be seen in his instrumental role in bringing the Sony tablet to the market.

Following the company's traditional strategy of having independent operating divisions, Sony had four tablet projects on the go. The isolated divisions working on their own projects were not only independent but, apparently, often became competitive or even jealous of each other.

"Aside from creating a disunited front, it sometimes led to segments being actively jealous of each other and refusing to collaborate. Walkman and home theater groups, for example, didn't get the cooperation from Sony's own music and movie groups to make digital media stores," the report explains.

Kaz Hirai formed the User Experience Group that then cut three of the superfluous tablet projects in order to focus on the development the powerful Tablet S. The new CEO will therefore have no hesitation in re-shaping the company and changing traditional structures where necessary; or as one report puts it "emulating the Apple way" of developing new products.

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