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Noon News: NEC's Thinner than iPhone 4S Smartphone, Skype for Windows Phone Beta Test, Offline Google Docs for Android

Japanese electronics company NEC has unveiled a new Android-based smartphone, the MEDIAS ES N005D, that is not only available in three different colours (including pink) but is also one of the thinnest smartphones in the world at only 6.7mm thick - that's just over a quarter of an inch.

Windows maker Microsoft has just started the internal beta testing of the much awaited Skype for Windows Phone app and that it may soon start sending out invitations for participation in external beta tests reveals new reports. Microsoft first announced the Skype for Windows Phone application at the MIX 2011 event - even before Skype was acquired by the company.

Google announced on Wednesday that the users of the Google Docs for Android app can now access their files even when they lose internet connectivity. The upgraded offline capabilities introduced in the app, will now enable users to access their content including documents, spreadsheets, presentations, uploaded images etc. without even requiring an active Internet connection, the search giant explained.

Research in Motion, the maker of BlackBerry, has introduced a quartet of masked and caped superhero characters that are supposed to aid the company in selling more phones. The cartoon characters are Gogo Girl (the Achiever), Max Stone (the Adventurer), Justin Steele (the Advocate) and Trudy Foreal (the Authentic). All of which appeared on the company's BlackBerry Blog, last week.

Communications regulator Ofcom recently, in a report, revealed that average broadband speed in the UK has increased tremendously though one may argue that it is impossible to define a national average given the disparity of broadband network connections across the UK. According to the Ofcom report, as of November last year, the country's average actual residential broadband speed stood at 7.6Mbps, compared with 6.2Mbps a year earlier.