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Over 60% Brits Confused about 'Data Roaming'

Nearly two-thirds of UK's mobile users are not fully aware of what the term ‘data roaming' actually means, a new reports revealed.

The study, on which the report is based on, was carried out by the, and it included an extensive survey conducted on 1,680 mobile phone users in the country.

The study established how only 26 per cent of the people surveyed actually understood that the phrase ‘data roaming' refers to the ability to access the Web while abroad, via a mobile network.

More than half i.e. 52 per cent to be precise misunderstood the phrase as a tech-term referring to the ability to access emails while on the move - for example, while driving a car from home to the nearest mall.

According to the researchers conducting the study, 62 per cent of the people did not have too much of a clue what "data roaming" was actually all about.

"Data Roaming can be a bit of a minefield, and there are always horror stories of people running up hundreds of pounds on their bill whilst abroad, because they failed to take into account the increased charges that can apply when overseas," Mark Owen, Managing Director of, explained, reports PC Advisor.