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Research In Motion launches Be Bold cartoon characters

Research in Motion, the maker of BlackBerry, has introduced a quartet of masked and caped superhero characters that are supposed to aid the company in selling more phones.

The cartoon characters are Gogo Girl (the Achiever), Max Stone (the Adventurer), Justin Steele (the Advocate) and Trudy Foreal (the Authentic). All of which appeared on the company's BlackBerry Blog, last week.

The catch line behind this troop and new marketing venture is "Be Bold". It is actually a CRM tactic adopted by the company, to reposition or fortify the image of the company in the minds of the users.

As part of this marketing campaign the company asked its Twitter followers on New Year's Eve to indicate how they planned to 'be bold' during 2012. A graphic on the blog categorises the responses, using the four cartoon characters. Thirty one percent of the replies, according to the blog, come under Gogo Girl's achiever category.

The company has asked readers to use the comments section to indicate how BlackBerry products would help them meet their goals this year. Most of the comments were either requests for features not available on current BlackBerrys, praises for BlackBerrys or complaints about defective Bold handsets. Some of these comments were criticisms about BlackBerry's this new marketing campaign.