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SGI Unveils High-density Modular InfiniteStorage Cloud Ready System

SGI - a key player in today's computing industry announced on Tuesday the launch of SGIModular InfiniteStorage - a move that is aimed at integrating storage and server platforms, and thereby facilitating cloud as well as data storage customers the maximum flexibility for data and computer management applications.

The new offering, as claimed by SGI, will be a "leveraging industry-leading density" an adaptable and innovative design. It has been made available by the company as either SGI Modular InfiniteStorage JBOD (SGI MIS JBOD), or SGI Modular InfiniteStorage Server (SGI MIS Server) storage products.

Both these variants are quite capable of showing their excellence in terms of flexibility and functional scalability in a wide range of different data environments, SGI bragged. The company further stated that SGI Modular InfiniteStorage will eventually emerge as a perfect alternative for all sorts of cloud computing and IT storage management requirements.

SGI also claims that when built into the company's D-Rack cabinet set up, the InfiniteStorage allows customers to feed any single standard 19 inch rack footprint with up to 2.37 petabytes of capacity, as well as up to 40 distinct processors.

"The SGI Modular InfiniteStorage platform is designed to couple very dense storage and compute capabilities in an adaptable platform, to give cloud and other storage IT customers important new choices for tuning and growing the system to meet their specific requirements," Steve Conway, IDC research vice president for HPC, said in a statement.

Find the press release here.