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Skype for Windows Phone Beta Testing May Soon Commence

Windows maker Microsoft has just started the internal beta testing of the much awaited Skype for Windows Phone app and that it may soon start sending out invitations for participation in external beta tests reveals new reports.

Microsoft first announced the Skype for Windows Phone application at the MIX 2011 event - even before Skype was acquired by the company. But, after that no further details were ever released. However, this year at the Consumer Electronics Show a Microsoft representative assured that the massively anticipated app would be hitting users' devices "soon".

Word on the tech streets is that the company may soon be removing the separate, downloadable Skype app from the Windows Marketplace, and integrate it to the forthcoming version of the WP platform - Apollo.

"Skype for Windows Phone is just around the corner and we've teamed up with the Skype folks to help with beta testing," read a report by the WP7 Lab.

"If you are receiving this newsletter directly, look for an invitation in the coming weeks and be on the inside track for what is sure to be one of the hottest new apps on the Marketplace," it added.