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Soon You Can Opt Out of Online Ad Campaigns

Soon, agitated internet users across the web including you and me will have the luxury to opt out of tracking ad campaigns, according to new reports.

Through click stream data tracking facility online sellers track our web surfing patterns and try to extract data about our preferences on a number of things, or what product we like, or how many times we clicked on a particular option. Based on this users are targeted by adverts linked to their recent search history.

Realising that internet users find it intrusive, a new on screen icon (the letter ‘I' inside a triangle) will be launched this summer on browsers dashboards allowing them to choose what adverts are to be displayed. These would affect so called "cookie" based adverts which respond dynamically to individuals viewing history.

The scheme has been hatched by the European Advertising Standards Alliance and the Internet Advertising Bureau. The cookies are designed by web companies to generate profiles based on a person's shopping or viewing habits on the internet. The data is then utilised for Online Behavioural Advertising". Experts say that internet users find these cookie techniques hacking their privacy.

So as a remedy the warning system to be introduced by the European Advertising Standards Alliance and the internet Advertising Bureau of Europe, will allow users to opt out of such advertising tactics.

[Source: The Telegraph]