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UK MPs ask Government to Raise Cybercrime Awareness Instead of Scaring Web Users

According to Andrew Miller MP, chair of the Commons Science and Technology Committee, the government should stop scaring web users over cyber crime and should instead concentrate on spreading awareness of how to stay safe online.

Despite the increasing in malware infestation, the internet still holds the status of a safe place to go about one's business, provided users stay a bit cautious about the happening cyber crimes and follow precautions.

Miller stated that government is getting myopic by just cautioning the public about cyber crimes. He said that instead of this government needs to realise that better public information about computer safety could save huge numbers of people from the trouble of getting their personal details stolen.

The committee wants the government to create a prolonged awareness raising campaign to increase public understanding of personal online security. One important loophole emphasized by Miller is that there exists not a single first point advice and help for UK web users. All the information about internet security available online is often technical or jargon filled which is generally superfluous for a layman.

The committee wants to choose the TV as a media for attaining the widest exposure for internet security. It also thinks that a lot needs to be done to promote the existing Government website Get Safe Online, including bundling advice from Get Safe online with every device capable of accessing the internet.

[Source: BBC News]