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Apple Rejigs iBooks Author EULA, Elucidates Restriction on Format, not Content

After confronting a strong criticism from experts and disgruntled customers, Apple has cleared the obfuscating situation surrounding the terms of the end user licence agreement (EULA) of its Apple's iBooks Author software.

The company has updated the iBooks end-user license Agreement making it clear that it does not hold any right on the content which one produces using the iBooks Author software application.

The original agreement incidentally mentioned that if one wants to give away any content produced by the iBook software without charging any money, then he/she can give it by any which way he/she wants to. But, in case the person wants to charge some money for the content generated, then he/she has to sign an agreement with Apple before entering into any monetary activities, related to the content generated through the software.

These terms and conditions were misunderstood by the readers and they assumed that Apple was trying to establish an authority over the content generated by people, by the use of the iBooks Author software.

Apple has now clearly stated in its revamped agreement that it does not intend to secure any right over other's content. Further the tech giant has explicitly mentioned that the restriction is strictly on the format and not on the content.

[Source: ARS Technica]