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Asus Transformer Prime Successor Codenamed TF300T Appears

What looks like a new version of the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime called the TF300T has surfaced on a Taiwanese website called Cool3c.

Some reports are suggesting that it could well be the followup to the Eee Pad Transformer Prime which is known as the TF201, while the original Transformer was called the TF101.

But other than noticeably different groove patterns at the back of the tablet and the lack of LED flash, it does look like the current TF201.

We wonder whether the appearance of a new tablet has something to do with the fact that (a) the current Transformer Prime is said to be suffering from a few hardware issues, notably the poor GPS and Wi-Fi reception and (b) rivals like Acer and Samsung are preparing screens with full HD resolutions or higher, whereas the Transformer Prime still has yesteryear's 1280x800 pixel display.

Asus releasing a new tablet just months after the Transformer Prime came to market will be an implicit recognition from the Taiwanese company that something may have gone wrong.

Asus will have a press conference at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Monday 27th of February, but for the long overdue Asus Padfone.

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