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Dropbox Giving an Extra 5GB of Free Storage Space

In a bid to attract new users, cloud storage major Dropbox has decided to offer free storage space to users who try out its latest software. The company is offering up to 5GB of free space to all those users who test its latest beta software.

Under this scheme users now can enjoy an extra 500MB space for every 500MB of uploaded content like photos and videos. This way the total free space offered by the company goes up to 5GB, which includes the basic 500 MB space for the initial photo import explains an official blog post.

A free membership on Dropbox comes with 2GB of storage space. Users who require more cloud storage would definitely welcome this offer from Dropbox. The new version of the software is available for both Windows and Mac OS X users but, Linux is not supported.

The software is inculcated with a capability to import photos and videos from cameras, mobile phones and even SD cards automatically. While the company's offer is attractive, consumers though need to be careful by saving their files into back up, before opting for this new experimental version of the utility software.