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Gameloft Live App Comes to Android

Gameloft announced on Thursday a new, unique and revamped standalone app for Android users - designed to offer the same set of content as provided by its massively popular Gameloft Live! tool.

Just like the original Gameloft Live tool, the new Android app will also facilitate users what the company claims to be a unique "social gaming experience". However, the new offering differs a lot from Microsoft's Xbox Live, in case you were developing that notion - it is not only aimed at providing you a platform to purchase and download game titles - it's in fact, much more than that.

The Gameloft app for Android will come with a fine blend of social networking features, a chat room as well as a game shop featuring a wide range of titles. In addition, it also allows users to create their own 3D avatars, and make them wear cool outfits.

"Even if you don't care about the social aspects, Gameloft Live might be worth checking out. The company promises to offer exclusive discounts to members, and the service should make downloading and installing Gameloft titles on an Android device a little simpler," noted a report by Mobile Puting.