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Google Stops Support for CDMA Handsets Including Verizon Galaxy Nexus?

Google, it seems, has ended support for all CDMA devices including Verizon's Galaxy Nexus. The CDMA version of the highly popular Android phone has been amputated from its developer support pages.

The handset had figured prominently on Google's website till last week but, now the device is listed in the archive section. Sources say that earlier when the Verizon Galaxy Nexus was a part of the Google site, it was labelled with the code name Toro.

Some analysts believe that the search giant holds CDMA responsible for tarnishing the Nexus image. But, most analysts are fostering a different opinion and point out to a commercial reason behind this decision. They say that the search giant is displeased about the fact that the Verizon phone does not feature the Google Wallet.

While it is quite surprising that these popular phones are no longer supported by Google, some of are already terming it as a glitch.

The Verge has it that Google removed the CDMA devices from its developer support pages as these handsets do not support all the features.