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Micron Chief Dies in a Plane Crash

Technology Pioneer Micron lamented the demise of its CEO Mr Appleton who passed away in a fatal plane accident near an Idaho runway.

The experimental plane was being steered by the CEO himself when it banked steeply, stalled and crashed. Some believe that Appleton had a brassy attitude of diving towards adventuresome acts. He had an extreme liking of attempting dangerous mid-air stunts and was not at all hesitant to risk his life for such stunts.

Appleton was a part of a previous crash about eight year back which he survived. From there on the CEO was able to foster an image of himself as a dauntless, gallant who had an inclination of performing daring driving stunts.

Management executives at Micron seem to hold a different opinion about this adventuresome passionate behaviour of Appleton. They said that it was this very rebellious attitude which inspired him to be devoted at work, and maintain a go-getter attitude.

Micron is one of the leading firms in the industry that manufactures semi-conductor chips for gadgets like computers, mobile devices, cameras, cars and industrial systems. Some analysts believe that Mr Appleton's demise will somehow affect the morale of company executives in the short run. However, given the strength of Micron's management, his place is likely to be filled by capable leaders like President Mark Adams, reports SFGate.