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Nokia Beats Samsung, Apple in Mobile Phone War

Nokia has managed to lead the mobile phone vendors' chart for Q4 of 2011 and, in fact, the whole year. It enjoys a staggering 26 percent market share, a new report revealed.

But, Nokia with this astounding growth rate cannot stretch its legs. The mobile giant has to remain really vigilant of the competitive moves of its rivals including Samsung and Apple. Samsung's eloquent market share, with an excellent 22 per cent market holding, should really concern Nokia. The third position holder Apple stands at a market holding of 8.7 percent.

There has been a shift towards adoption of Windows Phone but Nokia even after this it wasn't able to prevent a 8.2 per cent decline in shipments year on year. Nokia has very prudently priced their Symbian phones at unrealistically low rates and this has been the primary reason behind the high volume of shipments in Asia and South America and for Nokia's peak position in the international market.

Nokia cannot sit back if it wants to enjoy its existing market shareholding on long term basis. Samsung is catching up fast and if the current trend holds, Samsung may surpass Nokia and take the ace position in the list of mobile phone vendors.

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