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Smartphones Put PCs to Shade in terms of Shipments in 2011

The growing popularity of Smartphones among consumers across the world has seen the shipments of the former outrun that of PCs in 2011.

According to a report published by Canalys, the total number of shipments of Smartphones made 2011 stood at a staggering 488 million as compared to 415 million units of client PCs. Client PC shipments numbers not only count in the laptops and desktops but, also include Netbooks, iPads and tablet PCs. The newly released Kindle Fire and iPads have somehow failed to contribute much to counter the sales figures of Smartphones.

This kind of phenomenon is common in the vineyard of technology. Obsolescence is a curse for pioneers, and bliss for the followers, which is clearly evident from the shipment figures of the Smartphones and the client PCs. It is apparent now that consumer's preferences in technology products are changing. Smartphones are becoming a popular choice for the consumers around the globe.

As of now the boom in the Smartphone market exists but, analysts say that the same may not exist for long. At present the Smartphone makers are targeting their offers towards the low income group consumers, thus pricing it according to the pocket of those low income consumers. But, very soon these Smartphone developers will be shifting their focus to high income groups in a bid to extract more revenue from the market. This may affect the dominance of Smartphones in the market adversely.