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Windows Phone 7 Adoption May Hurt Nokia’s Numbers in 2012 Says Chairman

Nokia's chairman Jorma Ollila revealed that the implementation of Windows phone 7 OS in Nokia handsets may initially prove to be a major factor towards diminishing sales in 2012.

Ollila still sounded optimistic when he mentioned that it would take some time to pick up the pace but, things were going to be favourable. Nokia has experienced a jarring fall in the profits in the fourth quarter earnings. The dip amounted to about 73 per cent. Nokia expressed its inability to furnish reports of the forecast beyond the first quarter.

The intent behind the cellphone maker's move to attain Microsoft software for its smartphone is obvious. Nokia has always been seeking for scope to combat the Apple's iPhone and Google's Android. Tying up with Microsoft might help Nokia to offer a tough competition to its rivals.

Until now, Nokia's new Windows Phones are still lagging behind the race and have not managed to give a tough competition to Apple or Google. But, Ollilia is hoping to dominate the smartphone scene sometime in future. According to him, Nokia needs time.

Ollilia shared his vision with the press saying, "When looking at the bigger picture, it shows that three operating systems will dominate in the near future and each of them will have one strong manufacturer, with Nokia having a very good chance to be one of the three," reports Reuters.