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Windows Phone 8 Details Leaked through Video

Recently a video of Windows Phone 8, meant for Nokia and not for general public, made its way onto the web. The video, which throws light on changes in Windows Phone 8, was hosted by senior VP and Windows Phone manager Joe Belfiore.

It is apparent from the video that, Microsoft is on a mission to revolutionise the Windows phone platform. A lot of remarkable features are in the plan, to be incorporated in the Windows Phone 8 platform. Microsoft's strategy is to adapt the latest phone OS and make it similar to other platforms, in terms of features. Another motive in line is to create a Windows phone which more or less resembles the desktop version of Windows.

Some of the changes that Belfiore talks about are Hardware changes, Windows 8 integration, Application ecosystem, Data Management and Business support. In terms of hardware changes, Windows Phone 8 codenamed Apollo is going to add support for multicore processors and removable media cards. NFC is definitely on the cards for a wallet experience and content sharing through tap and share.

Apollo will be sharing a UI with Windows 8 and many of the core components would be the same as Windows 8. Further developers might be going in for re-use of code with areas like kernel, networking stacks, security and multimedia as the main areas of overlap.

Microsoft marketplace is seeing hundreds of apps being added every day and the Redmond based operating system giant would definitely want more than 100,000 apps to give Apollo powered handset owners a great variety of choice when it comes to games, apps, etc.

[Source: Pocket Now]