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EU Wants Google to Postpone Privacy Policy Change

In light of increasing apprehensions regarding Google's new privacy policy, European Union officials have asked the search engine giant to postpone the roll out of the new policy till it takes a call on the issue.

EU officials are not sure that whether the new privacy policy conforms to the Europe's data protection laws. Recently a meeting took place between the Google employees and the lawmakers, where Google was subjected to intense criticism and questioning on its privacy policies.

However most experts believe that the matter is nothing new. It has now become a common practice adopted by search giants, to furtively extract data from their users' profile, by using a click stream data tracker. This software reads and saves the web surfing patterns of the customers. This is done to benefit the marketers by providing the data on customer's preferences without making the consumers aware about the intrusion they are unknowingly facing.

Google has included a term in its privacy policy, which says that by accepting this policy the users are accepting to share personal data about their preferences. This has raised hackles in many quarters with many insisting that it is just not right to intrude into consumers' privacy as doing this may displease the customer.

[Source: c|net]