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German Apple Sales Resume as Court Suspends Injunction

A German court has suspended a decision whereby Apple was not allowed to sell 3G enabled iOS devices thus allowing the fruity company to resume sale of its devices.

Apple was surrounded in a controversy with Motorola Mobility which apparently placed charges on Apple for breaching its patents. The tech giant thus had to discontinue its marketing operations of selling its iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad enriched with cellular internet abilities through its online store in Germany for a day.

Since the charge has been removed the consumer electronics giant can continue selling all its iPad and iPhone versions via Apple's online store in Germany. Such tussles between tech giants are increasingly becoming common with allegations and law suits becoming the order of the day.

Motorola is not willing to take back its allegations against Apple and is planning to file more suits against the company. Motorola is of the opinion that Apple is continuously infringing its patents in different applications. The company has mentioned that Apple's email "push" technology which facilitates iPhones and iPads to send messages is in the list of its patents that the Cupertino based Smartphone maker is apparently in violation off.

[Source: Slash Gear]