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Hackers find way to Outsmart Online Banking Security Systems

Finding it a herculean task to fight the increased level of efficiency of sophisticated security systems, internet defrauders are resorting to new ways to break-in into customer's bank accounts. These hackers have literally proved that no security system is impervious and full proof.

Stern measures are being taken by the UK financial fraud authority to educate the online users about how to rescue themselves from attacks on their online bank accounts. The new security techniques for the bank customers make it quite difficult for malicious individuals to intrude into the customer accounts. But still the threat is on, as these thugs are generating new ways of hacking, and this innovation does not end.

Now-a-days many new and improved security techniques have been implemented to ensure the safety of the consumer's accounts. Some of them involve special security key and calculator-style online banking gadgets. But, in an answer to this the fraudsters have begun a "man in browser" malware to intrude the customer's bank accounts.

According to this new method of hacking, the fraudsters wait for the customer to enter the bank's website. As soon as the customer enters the site, they are supplied by pop-ups regarding an offer of upgrading security systems, by the cheats. The consumers unaware of the malicious act click on to those pop-ups. Actually these pop-ups are set-up to transfer funds from the customers in the background, while keeping the user busy with something else.

Experts in response to this vexing problem, advise the customers to update their antivirus systems regularly and even opt for anti-spyware tool besides keeping their web browsers updated.

[Source: BBC News]