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Apple Hires Xbox Marketing Manager

Apple has lured a top Xbox executive, Robin Burrowes, into its management team responsible for looking after the company's European App Store.

Burrowes was heading marketing at Microsoft's UK wing for Xbox Live. According to his updated LinkedIn profile, he will be joining Apple Inc. as the head of marketing for iTunes, Europe. He joined Redmond based Xbox maker way back in 2005 as a manager for Xbox UK, and he was promoted three years later, in 2008.

Burrowes happens to be the latest in a group of gaming executives from major technology companies to be hired by Apple in the past few months. Previously, the company had recruited Nintendo's former PR executive Robin Saunders. And then there was Nick Grange- the former executive at Activision who was lured by Apple in April 2011.

With all these new hiring, "Apple has made a point of highlighting the gaming benefits of its devices, from the crisp graphics and large screen on the iPad to the expansive game options in its App Store," notes PC Mag.

Last week, Apple hired the former chief executive of consumer electronics retailer Dixons John Browett who will be joining Apple as the company's new retail chief.