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Daily Mail Hacked by TeaMp0isoN

British sensationalist newspaper the Daily Mail has been hit by hackers in support of the online movement Opcensorthis.

The hack occurred late afternoon yesterday (Sunday 5th February) and saw the Daily Mail recipe page send users to a somewhat different page. While it only took a couple of hours for the redirect to be rectified and returned to normal, a mirror link posted on the TeaMp0isoN Twitter gives those that missed it a look at what the hackers were promoting.

The redirect sent those looking for recipes to a page where TeaMp0isoN claimed responsibility for the hack, along with a quote saying "You can see through the lies if you can read between the lines."

A short message follows: "For years you've poisoned the mainstream media with your sensationalist, ultranationalist nonsense, continuing to inject reader's minds with anti- immigration and borderline racist propaganda. Your distorted bias on news is wrongly justified by patriotism and conservatism, though we see through your hateful slurs. Your backward, malevolent, hate-inciting "news" shall not be tolerated anymore, stop brainwashing and lying to the British public with your pro-Zionist, racist, fascist & islamophobic propaganda."

All the while this page is open the Opcensorthis official song plays. This idea was conceived and publicised back in mid-late 2011, with the plan to disseminate the song among radio and TV stations to increase the public knowledge of Anonymous, TeaMp0isoN and the antisec movement.

This hack was announced in a Tweet by TeaMp0isoN that also took a swipe at the Daily Mail as well. "Britains Second Most Hated NewsPaper (DailyMail) Hacked - - Mirror of the Defacement:"

This is the latest move by online hacktivists that follows shortly on from Anonymous' own hack of an FBI conference call last week. Now it remains to be seen how law enforcements and the media will react.

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