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EMC’s Project Lightning Comes to Life with VFCache PCIe Cards

The pioneering leader in data storage service provider market, EMC has made an amazing improvisation in its services by unveiling VFCache. VFcache is an efficient technical podium for allowing applications perform faster through the use of Flash.

EMC had earlier promised of a Project Lightning the outcome of which is the VFCache. The latest invention from the storage giant is fit for the market of computer applications in almost all verticals - be it banking, finance, etc.

By combining Flash and PCIe, EMC is confident that the outcome would boost the overall performance of business applications. "We're taking storage into computing. Our caching model on the server has persistence and is an extension of the array," said EMC's COO Pat Gelsinger notes ZDNet.

The way this works is that the PCIe Flash would be ideally sitting at the top tier of the storage array which will be used to store hot data that is required every now and then. The information that won't be needed can go in the drives. "This represents another tier of storage for the hottest of hot data," said Gelsinger.

Oracle environment showed an increase in throughput by three times while the latency was reduced by 50 per cent during tests that used VFCache.