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Intel Ivy Bridge To Be Officially Launched On March 6th?

We just received an invite from Intel regarding a "major" product launch event which will take place on the 6th of March in a "central London" location; the product is most probably the "tick" alter ego of Sandy Bridge, i.e, Ivy Bridge.

The email mentions that it will be "one of the company's key product launches of the year, featuring demos and keynotes by Intel executives and other leading industry figures".

Ivy Bridge is the codename for the 22nm die shrink iteration of the Sandy Bridge microarchitecture - which stands at 32nm - and the first to use tri-gate transistors which were showcased back in May 2011 on an Ivy Bridge prototype.

A new platform controller hub known as Panther Point is also expected to be launched at the same time with integrated USB 3.0 (but no Thunderbolt).

Apart from the usual "better performance" mantra, Ivy Brige is expected to support PCI Express 3.0 natively, a maximum clock speed of up to 3.5GHz and a significantly improved graphics core known as the HD4000.

According to reports from Anandtech, Nordic Hardware and CPU-World; nearly 30 mobile and desktop Ivy Bridge processors will be launched with TDPs ranging from 17W to 77W; performance wise, Ivy bridge is expected to be 20 per cent faster in CPU performance and achieve a 30 per cent jump in GPU performance than its predecessor.

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