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Kelihos is Dead Claim Microsoft, Kaspersky

Who can forget Kelihos - the infamous spam botnet that at the peak of its vicious existence, pumped out as much as four billion spam messages per day, creating havoc all around.

Well, in a statement that could relieve millions of its former victims as well as security experts from all around the world, a couple of firms who played a proactive role in hunting down Kelihos, have revealed that the botnet is very much dead.

The revelations came from the representatives of Kaspersky Lab and Microsoft and if we are to believe what these experts have said, then all the media reports warning about a possible resurrection of Kelihos are far away from covering the truth.

"The botnet we took down is still under control and infected machines are not receiving commands from command and control centre (C&C) so they are not sending spam," security software vendor Kaspersky stated on Friday, reports Ars Technica.

"But new samples, which are monitored by us continue to get orders from spammers and send spam so far. It means that we are dealing with another botnet," it added.