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Late News: Nvidia Kepler Detailed, Daily Mail Website Hacked, BTJunkie Shuts Down

Nvidia's upcoming Kepler lineup has been fully detailed, with specifications including clock speeds, memory totals and bus bandwidth all revealed.

Apple has lured a top Xbox executive, Robin Burrowes, into its management team responsible for looking after the company's European App Store. Burrowes was heading marketing at Microsoft's UK wing for Xbox Live. According to his updated LinkedIn profile, he will be joining Apple Inc. as the head of marketing for iTunes, Europe.

British sensationalist newspaper the Daily Mail has been hit by hackers in support of the online movement Opcensorthis. The hack occurred late afternoon yesterday (Sunday 5th February) and saw the Daily Mail recipe page send users to a somewhat different page. While it only took a couple of hours for the redirect to be rectified and returned to normal, a mirror link posted on the TeaMp0isoN Twitter gives those that missed it a look at what the hackers were promoting.

After seven years of torrent indexing and search facilities, the file sharing link site BTJunkie has officially closed, seemingly for good. Despite looking like crap compared to contemporary sites, BTJunkie maintained itself as one of the biggest torrent search sites online for many years.

Software giant Microsoft Corp.'s latest variant of the Internet Explorer browser blocks users from accessing browser plugins under the Metro environment. However, the company has disclosed an alternate methodology through which plugin-dependant sites can do their deed.